with Rakhi Fernandez Lalanne

While you are with us, why not complete your experience with a comprehensive treatment with Rakhi. Rakhi has completed courses in Ayurvedic treatments, including Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Kizhi. She offers a range of other treatments: full body massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology. 

All bookings to be made with Escolta Alta by prior arrangement.

Massage on offer: ​

  • Navara Kizhi (70 EUR)

  • Podi Kizhi (70 EUR)

  • Ela Kizhi (70 EUR)

  • Reflexology (50 EUR)

  • Indian head massage (45 EUR)

  • Full body massage (50 EUR)

"These treatments help to smooth out the bumps in life and makes the journey clear and peaceful. The studies I have followed here and in India complement the more formal training I had already done to become a State Registered Nurse in the UK", Rakhi


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